March 6, 2014

A few more weeks

For those of you who still check in on my blog from time to time, thank you so much! I don't know if anyone actually does, but a thanks is still a thanks.


I've been busy working lately, saving up money for my move out of my house and into a new place. This will be the biggest change I've made in my life, up to date. My parents have sheltered me for the past 2 decades (yes, I am old) and now I'm finally getting out there. Into the real world.

The emotions I'm feeling right now are

scared, stressed, nervous, excited, scared... stressed..


It's hard for me to imagine myself without my parents constantly being there and providing me with the financial and emotional stability.

In 2 weeks I will be making my way out to LA for a new life. :) Wish me luck, loves!!

loving life,

February 17, 2014

I bruised my middle and ring finger

The other day I was out eating lunch with the sister.

We decided to get some tacos and such at this establishment of greatness, Fuzzy's.

The food was finished pretty quickly, I stood up, got the food, and proceeded to sit down.

Now for some strange reason, I decided to put my finger into the back holes of the chair and I proceeded to sit and place my weight onto my fingers.

Why did I do this? I have no idea, but it's pretty painful to type this all out and explain it.

So that is that.

How's your February coming along?

- Loving life,